Westgate. What a piece of ogre filth, this city is. Rotting on the southern shore between the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Dragonmere, Westgate represents all that is wicked and corrupt in the Realms. Selfish merchant houses hold the (official) power, while all manner of unsavory groups vie for position: the Night Masks thieves’ guild, foul religions, cutthroat pirates, and darker things still. It’s a city where anything can be bought and everyone has a price; coin rules all, and morality has no place when gold is at stake. That said, Westgate is further unusual due to its acceptance of nearly anyone or anything. Traditionally hunted religions worship openly (mostly), beings normally slaughtered on sight find sanctuary, and criminals from all over find the city a haven. Only one rule applies: don’t interfere with mercantile interests, for the city survives on free trade. By extension, the rich merchant houses are untouchable… at least officially.

So enjoy your stay, keep one hand on your coin, the other on your steel, and your eyes and ears sharp. Fail at any, and ruin follows.

Band of Bastards

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